• Advertising Design with a Bite.

    Zombies never fail to garner attention. The Paper Zombies will help you get noticed too.

Designers with a knack for getting noticed

Illustrators who are actually fun to work with

Web designers who speak more than code

About us

They were always such nice kids, until one day, something… snapped. Suddenly, the designers were overtaken with a preternatural urge to create, superhuman design skills, and an insatiable hunger for innovation. Unfortunately, they also started grumbling a lot more.


Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Plus, we really love what we do. We wake up at nights thinking about how to help a client look better. How to drive traffic to a clients site and, since we all have kids, to change the occassional diaper. Ok, so technically, we got up to change the diaper. BUT while we were up anyway, we started thinking about the most current project.

Our services

Graphic Design and company branding

Custom illustrations that pop

Web design that keeps ya comin’ back

Printed marketing collateral for all occassions

Business cards, flyers, brochures...yeah, ‘bout anything

Large format printing for trade shows, businesses, cars...

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